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Watersports availability improves with ProRescue to launch with Asap’s Wave Jam electric jet boards in Poole summer 2021

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Post: Includes a special offer.

We’re very excited at ProRescue that Asap water crafts, the designers and manufacturers of Wave Jam electric jet boards, have just announced our exciting new sales partnership. Launching in Summer 2021 at MDL Marina Cobbs Quay, Poole – Asap have recently signed us, ProRescue as their latest sales agent. ProRescue will be selling and offering demos of Wave Jam electric jet boards to boat owners, families, watersports enthusiasts and rescue professionals.

Asap water crafts make small jet boards you lay on and blast you through the water at speed. An incredible body boarding/surfing experience, without the need for waves! Selling globally, Asap’s customers love using their Wave Jam jet board to explore beaches and islands from their yachts – we have fantastic scenic islands in Poole harbour. Watersports enthusiasts and boat owners will love how their Wave Jam jet board can be easily carried to the water and launched practically anywhere, the ultimate boating family gadget!

Originally designed as a Rescue jet board, inventor Ross Kemp took part in lifesaving training at Loughborough University, he soon realised how difficult it was to rescue somebody in water. Fascinated with Rescue equipment, Ross noticed that small boats and jet skis can be slow and cumbersome to launch. This led him to develop the first Rescue electric jet board, launching Asap water crafts in 2013.

Asap water crafts’ Managing Director, Ross Kemp, told us, “We too are really excited to partner with you in Poole. Given your place in the Rescue world and Marine industries, being perfectly located at Cobb’s Quay Marina in Poole to showcase our electric jet boards to Rescuers, watersports enthusiasts and boat owners.”

Asap’s electric jet boards also caught the attention of Sir Richard Branson, after Ross launched Asap water crafts on a BBC TV Show. Branson commented, “I have a deep passion for protecting the ocean, but I am also familiar with the dangers they hold. I have had my share of close shaves and have been rescued from sinking boats and balloons many times, even had to swim for shore once clinging to a plank of wood. I think the Asap watercraft is a fantastic invention and will be a wonderful success. Anything that can help lifeguards reach drowning casualties faster must be a good thing.”

To celebrate our new partnership, Asap and ProRescue are offering a FREE super-fast charger (worth £467) to our customers who order their electric jet board before the end of May through ProRescue.

Take advantage of this offer by placing your order online at:

discount code: PRORESCUE

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