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Water Event Safety Management

(Module Basic WESM modified – 2 Day)

Given our Professional Rescue background in training first responders in water and flood rescue, we have the practical knowledge to help managers with colleagues and employees tasked with working in, on or near water with the essential knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about managing risks and threats to safety from water at their workplace or sites. We can help managers to deliver safer activity at open water sites. And to develop occupational water safety skills for employees conducting water proximity working. And thereby facilitate compliance with Statutory obligations, particularly the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and related regulations and help develop ‘Safe Systems of Work’. Whilst at the same time ensure that effective Emergency Response systems are in place for those working in a water proximity environment, together with emergency services liaison.

Workshop Aim  To introduce the specific knowledge and skills required for staff and operational managers and or general managers to be able to better manage water related incidents; and to have a wider understanding of cold/inland water response management methods.
Scope  This course is designed to give personnel who may be site/Incident/managers where a water related incident may occur the necessary basic knowledge and understanding to help manage the incident and practically based water hazards recognition training.
Pre-requisite  None, other than company Health and Safety Standard Operating Procedures and knowledge of the in-country Health and Safety at Work legislation.
Specific Aim  To train personnel to have an improved understanding of cold/inland water related events and incident management and to provide some learning opportunities of water related risks and related issues. Understand the hazards, control measures and actions needed for managing water-related emergencies.
Objectives  To facilitate and equip the Manager with the basic knowledge and understanding of what to consider and how to balance the legal obligations and hazard recognition of a site involving inland or cold waters. Therefore, in the event of an incident, the appropriate preliminary actions are carried out by the manager and staff to enhance the collective capability to save lives and reduce harm. Incidents do not happen very often, but when they do we need to ensure that we have the most efficient, effective and, most importantly, joined-up response that is possible. The workforce and public (where impacted) within their care will expect no less.
Theory Module  This training is designed to make people aware of the hazards associated with cold water and basic land-based rescue techniques.
Scope:  The dangers of working near water are explained and basic safety measures are introduced to the delegate. The session includes awareness of water-related hazards, water hydrology, scene organisation, principles of water safety, varying rescue options including low to high-risk options and introduction to basic water safety PPE. The training is split into separate units which cover the essential knowledge and understanding plus the practical application of items of equipment which may or may not be available to the delegates. The practical units are delivered as dry land sessions.
All these event safety sessions will be delivered by Professional subject specific experts and or currently practicing First Responder Instructors.

There are also COVID-19 rules that we must observe during courses, specific ‘Covid-19’ requirements related for our way of working, and updates may be made known at the time of booking.

Regards numbers on courses we will discuss this with you when you book – but please understand that numbers on a course for the moment will be small. All bookings are provisional until we confirm the booking with you – we will do this upon receiving the booking. And at the same time we will send you the Joining Instructions.

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