DEFRA Flood Rescue Training

DEFRA Flood Rescue Courses

  • Technical Rope work
  • Flood Rescue Training
  • Flood Rescue Training
  • Flood Boat Training
  • Helicopter Rescue
  • Flood Boats Training
  • White Water Rescue Boat Training
  • Swift Water Rescue Boat Training
  • Classroom Training

Water rescues occur on a daily basis. However, extreme weather events are happening
with more regularity. Inland flooding is one result and rescue services must be prepared
to cope. 
We believe the training available here through our company has been designed
specifically to serve these vital needs and especially for the first responder search
and rescue services (SAR) both statutory and voluntary. Developed in collaboration from
research and our Academy Instructors experiences from the front line and internationally
recognized experts in flood and water rescue tactics and techniques. 
Professional Rescue Academy has continued to develop and sustain its work in training
client organization rescue units here in the UK, North America, Pacific rim and in
Europe. The Academy has the necessary Intellectual Property (IP) Manuals for all the
classes and tactics, facilities, accreditation and specialised training skills and Instructor
staff, to conduct this specialist training.
The water and flood rescue courses are listed below.
Through prorescuekitstore, Professional Rescues’ suite of Flood and Water Rescue
Training Courses, in compliance with the UK’s “DEFRA” Training Modules (contained in
the ‘Flood Rescue Concept of Operations’ [FRCO] document), can be supplied.
FRCO training levels includes training in both Swiftwater and Flood Rescue Boat
Operations and Management of Water and Flood Incidents and are widely understood to
be the appropriate standards for national response capability.
Accordingly, we supply the following training modules which provide a national
framework of water safety:

Module 1 Water Awareness
General water safety awareness training and basic land-based rescue techniques

Module 2 Water First Responder
To work safely near and in water using land-based and wading techniques

Module 3 Water Rescue Technician
Specialist rescue operation

Module 4 Water Rescue Boat Operation
Rescue boat operation

Module 5 Water Rescue Incident Management
Water related incident command

All the professional rescue training services are tailored, driven by research and best
practice requirements to suit the functional requirements and Training Needs Analysis.
In support of which other courses are available to the client’s Units e.g.

  • Rescue Boat Crew Operator
  • Boat and Engine maintenance
  • Ice and Unstable Ground Training
  • Search and Rescue – Terrestrial SAR management techniques
  • Aquatic Casualty Care
  • Water & Flood Rescue Boat Operator Instructor

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