Sonar fitted to a rescue boat

Sonar Course

Boat Mounted Sonar System for Search and Rescue (SAR) from Small SAR Craft – 2x Day Training Course.


Search and rescue operations (some unfortunately leading to recovery operations) are conducted 24/7 by fire rescue and SAR Unit teams and police/law enforcement throughout the world. These committed teams are called to action for a variety of missions from drowning subjects to location of missing items. They may be required to respond in the dark, during foul weather, in water with poor visibility or on polluted flood waters.

Due to search being a life safety time critical operation, there’s very little time to integrate in the plan of search, relying on team members’ training and whatever equipment they possess.

A ‘Boat Mounted Sonar System/Chart plotter’ is a tool that could both help searchers in a time of need, to show a clear view of underwater terrain and surrounding points of interest, giving navigation information to help limiting the exposure to hazardous elements in the search.

Sonar System – Boat mounted

Sonar systems (particularly side scan sonars) should be considered an essential piece of equipment for search and rescue operations. A sonar is the ideal tool for teams searching for drowning victims, missing items, vessels, and vehicles.

Our Sonar Imaging Initial Training Course was developed for police, Fire, and Water Rescue teams who intend to or will operate sonar. These boat mounted cost-effective systems can provide First Responders with a relatively affordable solution for small boat search operations.

This course will guide you through the setup, usage, and limitations of the boat mounted imaging sonars for comprehensive initial training.

The course will combine classroom training focused on introductory sonar theory and image analysis as well as the advantages of post-mission data processing. Then the application of the technical input will be experienced on the water, then back to the base for data post processing.


£800 per person +VAT (maximum 5 delegates per course)

Course fee includes:

Light Refreshments during the day including lunch

Course materials provided in electronic format

Not included – personal water PPE, delegate’s travel, accommodations, and meals other than stated above.

Multi-student bookings: we are offering a discount of 15% off the registration fee if a course for five delegates is booked on one course. This offer is first-come, first-served.

To take advantage of this offer, please contact us at:

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