Skyebrowse™ Drone Photogrammetry

SkyeBrowse ™ enables people using DJI drones to make 3D models in just a few
minutes. People can make the models using their smartphones with only a
couple of taps. It is currently being used in Law Enforcement, Police, Fire and
Rescue services, Oil & Gas, Infrastructure and Telco industries.

Skyebrowse 3D Mapping

Key Features

  • Process 3D models in a few minutes instead of a few hours
  • <1cm accuracy on the 3D models
  • Easy to use: Make 3D models with just 2 taps on your smartphone
  • Pricing is less than half of other software available
  • CJIS Compliant
  • Point clouds exported in open source GIS format
  • Ability to take multiple flights without a break
  • Easily upload videos from your laptop through the SD card after your flights
  • Back-end connections use SSL to maintain security
RTC Measuring Tool

prorescuekitstore ™ are UK collaborators with Skyebrowse ™ please ask us for
a Quote to Supply this superb software for improving Incident Intelligence
before and during fires for the FRS and for example resolving data collection by
police officers when after a road traffic collision.

3d image from taken from a drone
The skyebrowse software creates a 3D model within minutes. No time consuming loading into additional software required!

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