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Saviour Aquatic Sled

Savoiur Aquatic Sled

prorescuekitstore really like the Saviour Aquatic Sled which is designed to allow for the safe evacuation of sitting, lying or stretcher casualties.

The Saviour Tactical or Saviour Technical Stretcher fits completely and safely inside it, producing a composite rescue method with each element of equipment working together for safe patient evacuation.

In turn the sled and occupants fit safely into our range of rescue boats as seen here.

Savoiur Aquatic Sled

It is designed to be narrow enough to fit through standard doorways, allowing easy access to flooded premises.

Patient remains dry throughout transfer and the sled bed is angled to maintain and slight head up position to aid comfort.

Made from durable RHIB material, quick inflation on scene, deflates for easy stowage.

  • Easy to decontaminate and infection control compliant
  • Reflective tape, drag harnesses, armoured underside and multiple carry handles
  • 2.35m long x 0.65m wide
  • Tube width 10cm
  • Weight 24kg
  • Carrying capacity 100kg

Saviour Aquatic Sled with casualty
Saviour Sled loaded onto FR400 Rescue Boat

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