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RYA Powerboat Advanced Course

Course Description

RYA Advanced Powerboat course is run over 2 days including an evening (night exercise), designed to teach boat handling, seamanship, pilotage and navigation up to the standards required to drive a planing powerboat safely by day and night in coastal waters. Covering topics such as night navigation, rough water handling and search patterns – a fantastic way to upskill your powerboating!

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Course Syllabus

This course is for leisure and professional boaters wanting to undertake more adventurous trips by day and night.

It includes navigation at planing speed, weather and other aspects of skippering powerboats on more challenging passages in coastal waters. Given the nature of these passages Advanced Powerboat courses are generally delivered on powerboats of a minimum of 6 metres and an engine size sufficient to enable coastal passages at planing speed.

Syllabus: Preparation for Sea, Boat Handling, Action to be taken in rough weather, Passage making and responsibility as Skipper, Pilotage, Meteorology, Rules of the Road, Use of Engines, Emergency Situations:, Towing and being Towed, Helicopter Rescue procedures, Search patterns, Night Cruising

Course Content

Preparation for sea, including boat handling, passage making and responsibility as skipper, pilotage, meteorology, rules of the road, use of engines, emergency situations and night cruising.

Ability at the end of the course

To be able to plan and execute coastal trips and return to a familiar port by night.

Course is Specially For

Those experienced leisure power-boaters and those intending to work commercially and who may wish to take the RYA/MCA Advanced Powerboat exam.

The summit of the open boat courses within the RYA powerboat scheme the Advanced Powerboat Course is specially for:

professional open boat skippers, the experienced leisure powerboat users who perhaps usually are boating year-long and wish to develop greater understanding of topics e.g. rough water handling, search patterns, helicopter rescue, combined with the capability to navigate at night.

Those wishing to work commercially will want to attend the Advanced Powerboat Course.

Those existing Powerboat Instructors wishing to develop to become an Advanced Powerboat Instructor (APBI) will need to complete successfully this Course towards becoming an APBI. We firmly believe in all forms of ‘Continuing Professional Development’ (CPD) and all powerboaters, including commercial users may wish to continue to develop their skillsets through attendance on this Course.

Experience Requirements

Anybody undertaking this course must have the practical skills of the Intermediate course and knowledge of navigation to at least the standard of the Coastal Skipper/RYA Yachtmaster Shorebased course. The Advanced Powerboat course is aimed at the more experienced powerboat handler and assumes you can handle a powerboat very well as it is about developing your skills rather than starting them! It also assumes you understand navigation to the level of Yachtmaster/Coastal Skipper Theory (although you don’t actually need the qualification).

Course Times

Courses usually start at 0845 am and will finish very late evening, generally after it gets dark on Day 1 to complete the night exercise.

Day 2 starts at 0845 am and aims to finish by 1715 pm – please check with your booking confirmation for exact times.

Minimum Duration: 2 days including a night passage.

Minimum Age Conditions

RYA says 17 years old. However, for us all students must be the age of 18 due to the experience requirements – please call to discuss if you have special circumstances.

Student Instructor Ratios

Usually this Course operates with a maximum of 3 students per instructor/vessel, however Covid-19 rules apply and vessels differ. We will tell you about the exact ratios at the time of booking and see our “C-19” guidance

What’s needed with you

What’s Included

What’s Not!


What’s needed with you

Passport Photograph – an essential for us to issue your certificate.Your RYA Certificates/Powerboat Logbook i.e. RYA Intermediate certificate, VHF-SRC, Theory certificatesSuitable Clothing for the weather conditions and boating: usually warm clothing e.g. thermal layers, fleece, raincoat/waterproof clothing, gloves, hat as well as sunglasses and sunscreen.Appropriate Footwear: Deck shoes, Boots, Trainers.A lifejacket(s) – it must be a minimum of 150N and have been serviced in the last 12 months. (If you do not have either a PFD or lifejacket please let us know and we can provide.)

There are also Covid rules that we must observe, please see the ‘Covid-19’ for our way of working.

What’s Included

RYA Advanced Powerboat Handbook. Please see the notes at the end of our Booking Form document (it will be sent to you) if you decide to go ahead – or email us for this. No hidden costs – all prices are inc. VAT and Boat Fuel on our craft, Free parking at our Training Centre

We would normally provide tea/coffee, but due to C19 only bottled water. Also to observe C19 precautions within our Risk Assessment we will include a ProRescue “Brandana” and or Virustatic face shield FOC etc. (

What’s Not!

Powerboat Logbook – can be purchased on booking.

You will need to provide, your snack, outdoor suitable clothing and a lifejacket.

As rules permit there’s a cafe onsite and there’s local shops within a short walk/drive to purchase food.

To remind, regards numbers on courses we will discuss this with you when you book – but please see below. All bookings are provisional until we confirm the booking with you – we will do this upon receiving the booking. And at the same time we will send you the Joining Instructions. We strongly recommend (but not necessary for attendance or booking) RYA individual Membership, which costs £45 via direct debit or £52 via credit card/cheque. In the price list the fee has been shown at £52. You can join at our centre when attending or simply obtain more information.


On our boat(s) £360 per head including VAT. POA for your boat.

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