Rescue South Pump Jets

An A.C.T.™ Pump Jet from Rescue South™ offers two great main safety features. Firstly, the projected frontal area of the Rotor Housing and Stator Housing is significantly reduced when compared to the diameter of an open propeller. Second, the totally enclosed spinning rotor reduces the risk of personal injury due to contact with rotating parts. 

Pump Jet Outboard Engine

However, any mechanical design in propless propulsion does not completely eliminate the possibility and/or risk of injury. However, the risk is greatly decreased and construction is hugely more robust than prop-deflectors. 

Great for lifesaving and rescuers working in flood waters. 

New Pump Jet Outboard Engine

Currently, we can offer from Rescue South: 

Their offering of new motors and or gearcases modified with Pump Jet propulsion 

Presently, they are offering three new models from TOHATSU – these are: 

TA25 HP  with  PUMPJET 

TA30 HP  with  PUMPJET 

TA40 HP  with  PUMPJET   

And are in the evaluation phase of endurance testing for Pump Jet prototypes on two new outboard models:  Tohatsu & Mercury 30hp 4 strokes. 

Together with Pump Jets for retrospective fitting to existing Mariner/Tohatsu 2x stroke 25 and 30 hp outboards. 

These latter models will be available shortly for the placement of orders through ourselves.

Watch for future announcements on this websites’ NEWS 

Latest: prorescuekitstore can accept orders for a Pump Jet to replace the gearcase of existing Mariner/Tohatsu 2x stroke 25 and 30 hp outboards. 

Game changing Pump Jet for IRBs

Please request either to be included in our email update when the new Pump Jets are available or a Quote to supply from the existing stock for those that fit. 

Request a demonstration a Quotation or more information:

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