Night Flood Training in York

RescueONE Connector

  • RescueONE 1660
  • R1 Connector boats in Manilla
  • Mercury Engine on a Rescue ONE on its Trailer
  • Mariner boat engine
  • Mariner Outboard Jet drive
  • Connector Flood Rescue Boat
  • RescueONE-RapidRescue
  • Fire Boat Pump
  • Boats Securely Connected Together
  • Rescue One Flood Boat
  • Remote Pilot Rescue Boat Platform
  • RescueOne Connector

Since 1992, RescueONE® brand Connector Boats® internationally, have been
THE choice of fire, rescue, and police professionals for water operations. The
patented design of the RescueONE® boats, allows them to connect to any
other RescueONE® Connector Boat® in the world. This unique capability
enables endless combination possibilities for several teams in mutual aid

operations. Whether it is connecting boats end to end to form a long platform
for search operations or in a “T” or “H” or “4 square” configuration to perform
recovery missions, RescueONE® Connector Boat®s provide a very versatile
water missions platform for the world.

Today, the RescueONE® Connector Boat® system with it’s latest innovations, is
a most versatile and cost effective water access platform available to
fire/rescue and police personnel.

RescueONE® Boats, Trailers and Accessories are built with the best materials
by professionals for professionals worldwide.

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