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prorescuekitstore offer the superb RescueOne Connector TM boats powered by propeller drive or high power jet drive or Pump Jet outboard engine – latter two drives no external propeller to endanger rescuer or casualties in the water; a four stroke engine with all the environmental benefits as befitting an engine developed and supported by the manufacturer and distributor. Focused on a mission to provide you with the safest and most effective inland waters, emergency response boats possible.

Lightweight boats that CONNECT— the QuikFIT patented railing system provides instant interoperability with mutual response agencies creating enhanced national and regional coordination possible – an enhanced risk assessed safety for the casualties and rescue operatives.

With the ability to work in very shallow flood water without compromise.


Flood Rescue and Evacuation

Swiftwater Rescue

Surface Recovery

K9 Search and Rescue



Versatility, Safety


Shallow Water Capable

Rapid deployment

Major Flood Event Resolution

RescueOne boats are considered especially appropriate for resolving major flood event incidents in Phases 2 and 3; since most rescues occur during these phases, this is when rescuers will be at their greatest risk. In the escalating phase floods will be impacting the built environment and property which effectively means you are losing egress and access particularly highways – you need a boat capable of urban operations and ease of launch.

This vessel is swift, capable and a major asset to assist with resolving inland and sea inundation floods because of its fast mission cycle, stable high load carrying capability and connectability with capability of helo-aquatic integration.

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RescueOne Flood Boat

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