FR400 York Rescue Boat

PR 400 Rescue Boat

Professional Rescue, Flood & Technical Rescue 400 Boat

  • Technical Rescue 400 Boat
  • ProR-400
  • IRB 400 First Floor Rescues
  • Flood Rescue 400 IRB Boat in use
  • Flood Boat Training
  • Flood Boat
  • White Water Rescue Boat Training
  • Swift Water Rescue Boat Training

The ProRescue designed PR-400 flood and water rescue boat has been made
specifically to serve these vital needs and reinforced in all susceptible areas to
resist damage during ‘Flood Response’.
Developed in cooperation with our UK Flood and Technical Rescue Academy,
recognized experts in flood rescue boat handling techniques. The PR-400 has
been specifically laid out for technical rescue operations e.g. two and four
point tethers.

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