Propeller Deflectors

The Propeller Deflector (sometimes incorrectly called a guard – but guards would need to fully encompass the propellers) acting as a “shield” is a vital piece of safety equipment designed to both protect people in the water from injury and to keep the boat drive from damage by debris. There are, for us, two main types; those used by Surf Life Saving Units and those used for flood or inland water rescue use. Both are designed and constructed with a unique stainless steel propeller deflector to protect the propeller yet not to restrict the overall performance of the engine and craft at speed.

  • Flood Prop Deflector
  • SLSGB Spec Prop Deflector

Designed in the UK and manufactured by BH Fabrication, the construction is produced in Marine Grade Stainless Steel. The deflector bars are made from aerofoil shaped oval tube, which reduces weight, reduces harmonics and resonance issues therefore reducing potential damage to the welds, yet still offers incredible strength.

The Prop Deflector was originally developed for the flood rescue sector, proving to be very successful in use by the rescue services, before coming to the commercial and leisure markets.

It is worth underlining that in tests the RNLI who use the product, a craft achieving a top speed of 30 knots only lost 5% overall speed, with no manoeuvrability issues found, even when utilising the standard propeller.

We are able to supply them to order, taking only a short while to obtain as they now have a factory nearby.

If purchased through us, we can quote to do the fitting here at Cobbs Quay should you require us to do that.

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