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How to get a powerboat qualification in beautiful Poole Harbour 2022.

Here are 4 simple ways to find out how to get into powerboating.

  • If you are into sailing and are able to join a club there might be an opportunity to be trained by the club.
  • Contacting your nearest powerboat training centre registered with the RYA
  • Search “RYA Powerboat Level 2 near me”
  • Take a look at our powerboat training courses page. here

When you have got your powerboat qualification from the sailing club they will usually expect you to take it in turns to provide safety cover on the water. This is one way to gain your boating experience.

The Royal Yachting Association has a website full of lots of useful information. on the site you can search for you nearest training centre with ease.

The entry level for most people is level 2. level 1 is very basic and is covered again in the level 2. “Interesting Fact” if you search Pb2 you will find peanut butter!

Our friendly powerboat instructors are also Search and Rescue Training instructors, a great atribut to have while teaching the beginner or more experienced boater.

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