Velcro fastener on the fuel cell cover

Fuel Cell Bag/Cover

For Nauta 21l flexible tank used in Inshore and Flood Rescue Boats

Featured image above shows Fuel Cell bag/cover in place over a Nauta fuel tank with easy opening “Velcro” style strips.

Professional Rescue Academy has continued to develop specialist kit with this brand new design of fuel cell cover, much better than any previous design, the specifications are as follows:

1. a full 4mm neoprene bag that fully covers the tank and inlets and outlets – so being more protective to IRB crew and improve insulation of the fuel cell

2. robust seams are heavy duty

3. has four brass heavy duty eyelets, set in reinforced neoprene openings, so that the fastenings of the tank can be used in the bow of the boat to secure the cell and bag

4. top is open to allow the tank handle to protrude and be used

5. lower corners are open for the fuel supply pipe to be set to into the floor retainers (where fitted) and run to the engine

6. “bottom” end is closed by robust hook and loop velcro type of closure – easily opened for removal of tank or syphon filling of tank off the boat

7. Coloured bright red to indicate flammable fuel

Fuel Cell Cover for added protection

Picture above shows Fuel Cell bag/cover in place over a Nauta fuel tank and fixing loops

To assist with acquisition we will sell at RRP £148-00p + UK VAT + freight at cost via DPD in the UK.

Ready to buy now.

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