SUA Remote Pilot training equipment

Drone SAR Course

  • Body Search With Thermography
  • RGB and FLIR Thermal camera
  • Skyebrowse 3D Mapping
  • Preparing to fly the Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual
  • Mavic Enterprise Dual in Flight
  • Drone SAR Training
SUA Remote Pilot training equipment
levelling up remote pilot skills & maintaining SAR standards.

Emergency Response Drone Pilot Proficiency and Competency Tests – 1x Day Information and Test’ + SkyeBrowse Videogrammetry Demonstration, “Dates confirmed on booking”

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We have been involved with many aviation assets projects, obtained flying qualifications for our
staff, for SAR drone research and Operations. With an Operations Manual which details safety
information, and operational procedures required to satisfy the UK Civil Aviation Authority’s
Permission for Commercial Operations. And conducted much research into SAR with UAVs/Drones
both land and boat based, producing our latest SAR Drone course offerings.
Using Drones for Search and Rescue (SAR) in Aerial Search has become commonplace – air assets
can be provided by many agencies with many Category 1 responders, having 24-hour drone
response capability.
This course is by way of preparatory training for first responders who wish to learn more about using
their drone assets for Search and Rescue.
Search taskings will often see partners from varying agencies working together to complete a search
tasking. It is recognised agencies vary in the use of terminology for search techniques. Whilst many
include line search, corridor search, parallel track searches etc. Therefore, it is important to
understand the common language and understand how the search will be conducted. There is a
recognised structure in which search has a place. The Police Search Adviser (PolSA) is the relevant
adviser in such a structure and their role must be recognised and understood within the control of
the Police.
This course is to enable drone assets to be tasked to complete a search of a sector under the PolSA.
And will include the use of a number of different search patterns according to the specific task. And
gain an understanding of search techniques in general use.
It is important that during debriefings plain language is used to ensure a clear understanding of what
the search brief was, what and how the search was conducted (including the geographical and
physical area completed) and limitations of the search.

Target group

Specialist SAR personnel who wish to be operating drones for SAR and already
hold qualifications to fly drones. This module is aimed at selected search and
rescue personnel who are required to operate a drone for SAR as part of a crew.
The module prepares SAR Technicians of a responder agency to be able to operate
drones in a variety of conditions. The module covers the use of drones in SAR


This training is designed to make first responders aware of the matters to be
considered prior and during using drone(s) for search during a missing persons
The sessions include awareness of operating within a typical search and rescue
scene organisation, principles of safety, varying rescue options including low to
high-risk options, and introduction to SAR drone safety.
The training is split into separate units that cover the essential knowledge and
understanding, plus the awareness of practical application of search techniques.


To train nominated SAR personnel to identify their limitations and safely and effectively use drones, in a SAR operation.

Minimum Delivery hours

Minimum of sixteen hours over a minimum of two days.

There are also Covid rules that we must observe during courses, specific ‘Covid-19’ requirements related
for our way of working, (covid-19) and updates
may be made known at the time of booking.
Regards numbers on courses we will discuss this with you when you book – but please understand that
numbers on a course for the moment will be small. All bookings are provisional until we confirm the
booking with you – we will do this upon receiving the booking. And at the same time we will send you the
Joining Instructions.

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