In terms of our approach as a business we have always had a complete focus on safety and we make no apologies for continuing that now with the safety of our instructors, office team and of course you our customer being paramount.

Where Training is permitted under the Regulations for you or your service’s education needs either on your boats, or ours, this will inevitably mean that we are sometimes operating below 2m separation. This has been the subject of a comprehensive Risk Assessment following both RYA and HM Government Guidance and Regulations and ‘steps to be taken’ made. In these mitigations to the risk, firstly is that we are often outside in the fresh air. However, as additional PPE mitigations to distancing, we are insisting on facecoverings for both you and our instructors – we provide ProRescue “Brandana” facecoverings, (& a Virustatic shield snood for longer courses) hand sanitisers and nitrile gloves free to all students. Wearing these PPE seems a small inconvenience to pay for the protection benefits that we will all experience. As well, we have on our craft “Covid-19 PPE Kit” for those who may have administer First Aid in the event of need. So we hopefully anticipate that you agree that it’s the right approach. In fact if you disagree, perhaps a school with less focus on all our safety may be better suited for you.

Professional Rescue Brandana

As a reminder our approach is:

  • Distancing and sanitising – including a programme both morning and last thing for office and kit
  • ProRescue “Brandana” (facecoverings and Virustatic snood ) free on courses
  • Protocols on RBs to maintain social distancing where possible
  • Sanitising products for you and all of the kit that is allocated to you
  • A very regular cleaning program in our own classrooms and for kit and boats

With regards to classroom courses we are looking to restart these again with suitable separation and mitigations in place – see our course schedules for dates.

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