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prorescuekitstore is delighted to supply boat road and launch trailers from Admiral Trailers™. With years of experience in the trade, they have worked to build a great range of boat trailers and launching trolleys, with up to 50 designs to choose from. Knowledgeable experts, they have expert knowledge within the industry so can advise on the best trailer for your needs.

Built in Devon these quality trailers are manufactured and constructed in Great Britain. And employ experienced manufacturers who build boat trailers that are made to last. To be delivered on time.

Whatever your trailer needs we will work with you to ensure you have one that fits one of our boats to be fit for the task be it flood or water rescue or indeed for recreational use.

  • Full Carpeted Bunk Supported Boat Trailer
  • HD Road Launching Boat Trailer
  • Boat Trailer With Step and Wheel chock
  • Arancia on bunked trailer
  • Outboard Stand Flat Pack
  • Outboard Stand

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