Explore on an electric jet board

asap Electric Jet Boards


Engineered to power through surf and blast across lakes and rivers all with incredible towing torque. Our electric leisure & rescue jet boards mean you can explore further.

  • asap Electric Jet Board
  • Wave Jam Jet Board
  • Electric Jet Board
  • Explore on an electric jet board
  • Electric Jet Board
  • Jet Board doughnut
  • Jet Board being loaded into a camper van
  • Jet Board on the beach
  • Jet Board on the beach
  • Bottom of Jet Board
  • Wavejam 156
  • Wave Jam 91 Jet Board
  • Jet Board Side View
  • Lithium-ion Battery
  • Wave Jam Logo
  • Jetboard Rescue
  • Jet board Operator
  • Rescue Board Instructor
  • Jet Biard used to rescue a casualty

Three boards to chose from: Wave Jam 91, Wave Jam 156, and the Rescue 156 with capabilities for:

New rental experiences

Water park operations / patrol

Event marshalling / patrol

Yacht toy / tender

Quick launch rescue

Cave & river tours

Hotel / holiday resort

Family adventures, explore caves & islands

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