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We are first and foremost a provider of professional rescue services together with ‘prorescuekitstore’™ from this shop, which are tailored to your rescue and boating requirements. Driven by research and best practice requirements to suit the functional kit requirements and Training Needs Analysis. And training courses, like our RYA Powerboating courses and Flood Rescue Courses are available see: 

  • Saviour Sled loaded onto FR400 Rescue Boat
  • IRB 400 First Floor Rescues
  • Helicopter Rescue
  • Remote Pilot Rescue Boat Platform
  • Body Search With Thermography
  • Rescue156 Top
  • Explore on an electric jet board
  • RYA TC Logo
  • Flood Rescue Theory Training
  • SkyeBrowse Logo

Professional Rescue Courses

Water rescues occur on a daily basis. However, extreme weather events are happening with more regularity. Inland flooding is one result and rescue services must be prepared to cope…More

If we haven’t listed what you need please ask – we may have the prorescuekit you need! 

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